Facebook: Learning German with LingQ

I’ve created a new page on Facebook: Learning German with LingQ

It should help you learning German. I hope you like it. Posts and any help of other members are welcome!

Vera, the German learners here are really lucky to have you.

Tell me about it! Vera’s contributions to LingQ have played a crucial role in my progress in German this year. Ich bin richtig dankbar!

Thank you, both of you. I’m glad about such nice feedback. It make me smile :slight_smile: … and it let me continue my efforts.

16 members in 2 days since I’ve posted Links to the page on LingQ, Facebook and Twitter. That’s not too bad :wink:
I hope to have 25 members soon. Than I can change the link into a shorter one.

I need 7 more “fans” to be able to shorten the link. Thank to all who have become a fan yet.

Ich bin kein aktiver Teilnehmer des deutschen Forum aber ich muss sagen dass mein Deutsch hat sich viel verbessert bei Lingq.
Besonders gefallen mir die Beiträge von Jolanda und Vera.
Wenn ich schreibe vielleicht mache ich Fehler aber das macht nichts.

Danke für Deine netten Worte!
Du wirst bald wieder von uns hören!
Ich wünsche Dir weiterhin viel Freude beim Lernen!

@leo384: Ein Dankeschön auch von mir. Es ist immer gut ein Feedback zu bekommen. Ich hoffe, ich schaffe es bald, die nächsten Folgen zu transkribieren. Durch meinen Urlaub hänge ich leider hinterher.

@all: I need 5 more fans for the page to shorten the link. Thank you to all who have yet added the page.

I’d be a fan in next to no time if I were on Facebook. I am sure you’ll make up the numbers very, very soon.

Me too, Vera. If I were on Facebook, I would definitely support your page there! I think we all appreciate your contribution to LingQ very much. By the way, are you offering any conversations at the moment? I can’t see you among available tutors… Are you taking a break?

Hi Piotr, no. I’m offering conversation but for some reason on my profile the setting got lost. I made some changes on my profile not related to this. Please let me know if it works now.

@Sanne and Piotr: If you subscribe to my blog you get all relevant information as well :slight_smile:

But I am a subscriber, aren’t I? I’ll check this minute.

I have just now (re-?)subscribed. In any case, I always read your blogs on the Friends Page, but now I shan’t miss anything :slight_smile:

Great, now I can sign up! I’ll wait until Monday, however, because I don’t know yet when I have some free time during next week.

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49 members? Who’ll be number 50?

100 Fans on my facebook page. Thank you!

Oh -101 Fans. Super! Danke, Piotr.

I was very happy when I discovered in September that I got 500 fans on my page.

I’m really impressed that I have 665 fans now. That means I got more than 150 new fans in the last 2 month. Wow!

Thank you to all of them :slight_smile: