Facebook badge


How do I post my badge on my facebook page? There used to be a feature on this site that I could post it directly. Now, I only see a copy and paste function that posts html code. I post that code on facebook and it simply shows as html code.


@davidked - There was never a feature on our site allowing you to post your badge directly to fb. You had to take your badge and paste it there yourself using one of their applications. However, they removed this application so badges stopped being able to be displayed on FB. Unless someone has found a new way of doing this, you can’t post your badges at the moment short of taking a screen shot and posting it somehow and then updating it every so often. You may also be referring to the automatic notifications we used to send about your site activities to FB. I think 1000 word milestones may have been sent to FB. These are no longer sent. We do plan to add the ability to share wall posts so you will be able to share your word milestones and therefore your badge more easily. Hope this helps!

Facebook badge still works. I got a 5000 word badge post on Facebook just yesterday. Earlier it happened after pressing “mark all as read”. I’m not sure what triggers it now.