Extreme lag with large texts

I am somewhat doubtful if there is anything that can be done about this. While using my computers at work, I don’t experience this problem, but my home laptop is much slower, although I certain think it meets minimum system requirements (3 GB RAM, 1.6 GHz processor). Anyway, when I am using the arrow keys to move between words within a text that’s longer than a couple of pages, the response is not instantaneous. The box on the screen will stop moving for three seconds or so, and when it finally moves, it might skip five or six words. This isn’t a problem with short texts that take up little more than a page, but only with the larger texts. It doesn’t matter if I shut down all other applications, close all other browser tabs, and kill all major background processes. The large articles are perhaps too memory-intensive to work seamlessly on this computer. I am not sure if there is a solution to this, but I’m open to recommendations.

I am using Chrome.


I have found that in longer lessons the arrows are fine and but that clicking is slow. I have started dividing all longer lessons into two sections. We are aware of this problem and will get to it. It is inevitable that longer, ( over 5,000 words) lessons are going to be a little slower, since every time you create a LingQ the system checks the whole lesson for other occurrences of this word. However, we may be able to speed things up. It is not at the top of our list right now since most people study shorter lessons, but we will get to it. Meanwhile try breaking the lessons up if imported, or else copy from Print view to break them up. Sorry for the inconvenience.