Extreme lag in TTS on web version

In the new web version of lingq, after clicking on a word, it is taking somewhere between 5 and 10 seconds for the audio to play. I can see the API calls going to the lingq server and then it takes several seconds to get the response from AWS.

The lag is nowhere near this pronounced on the iPad or Android versions.

Anyone else experiencing this?


Do you still have the same problem? What browser are you using?

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I haven’t had the issue on chrome

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Yes, the lag is still present. I am using Firefox 96.0.3. I can provide a screenshot from the Firefox network monitor that shows the lag and the delays between API calls.

I tested in Edge (I don’t have chrome installed) and the lag is not present there.

I have the same problem on chrome. Everything is so slow …
Especially compared to the old version. The is was possible to breeze through everything, now it takes ages. It’s really annoying.

Yeah, we are familiar that there is an issue on Firefox and we are looking into it. I recommend using Chrome and Edge until we have it fixed.

Having the same problems on Chrome as are others according to the thread so maybe Edge is the only workable browser atm?

AFAIK LingQ uses many different TTS providers, Amazon Polly, Google cloud, Google (Android), Apple (iOS), readSpeaker, eSpeak etc. Availability varies depending on language and platform.
If you are using Microsoft Windows, LingQ might tap into the TTS provided by the operating system, thus bypassing the servers. Maybe this is the reason why (Microsoft) Edge works. Have you checked if the voice selected under Settings > Reader is the same on a working browser and a non-working one. This information might help the developers.