Extracting Audio from websites? (specifically NHK Easy - Japanese)

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone has a good tool or website for extracting audio from a website? (Im using a MAC)

Normally I would just right click the link and select download, but it doesn’t seem to work for the following site: NEWS WEB EASY

Im not trying to grab the audio from a video its just an audio clip.
I did try looking at the pages HTML source to see if I could find the .mp3 link but didn’t have any luck.

Hopefully someone has some ideas as I really want to get the audio into LingQ.


It is a m3u8 file. Instead of page source, look up in “Inspect” and press Ctrl +F and search “m3u8”
Ps. You need to play the audio beforehand

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You will have to download the m3u8 file (inspect, ctrl f) then convert it into mp3. I use https://www.files-conversion.com/ to convert.


Thank you both for your help. It will be really helpful to finally be able to import the audio into link.