Extensive reading mode

An additional extensive reading mode would be a nice addition to the reader options.

How I think this should work:
Instead of looking up words or choosing a translation for a word. The user marks known words as “known”. The remaining words turn into blank lingqs when paging.


  1. At my current level in my TL, of the new words I see that should be saved as lingqs I can usually guess the meaning because of how the word looks. No need to set a translation, but the word is not what I consider known and it is far from my active vocabulary. I also want it highlighted to sort of draw my attention a little bit.
  2. In my TL, the same words can show up in multiple forms. Most of the words don’t have user translations and the google translate suggestions are very unreliable. Many times I’ve had to the paste the same translation multiple times (5-10 times easily) in a single lesson. This can make reading very tedious. On desktop it is relatively easily to do quickly but not so much on mobile.

For what it’s worth, I find it makes things a lot more efficient if I keep a separate tab on my browser open on the ‘Vocabulary’ page, meaning I can search for the stem of a word and have all the inflected forms come up with their definitions to copy and paste from. Still not lightning-fast, but better than doing it all in-lesson.

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Haven’t tried that method but I see the point. If using the dictionary it might be a little bit faster to use fullscreen mode (mac os), the dictionary then opens in a new tab that can be accessed using keyboard shortcuts. But both of these ideas only work on the desktop version. And even on desktop it takes some skill using the computer to quickly change tabs back and forth, copy-paste definitions etc. At least for me, I feel it brakes the flow.