Exporting tagged items

Well, I’m not sure how I did it, but now a couple hundred phrases are not coming up under a tag. Yesterday I exported them to Excel, and also printed them. Now when I go to vocab and choose this particular tag, only the two phrases I tagged today come up. Can you tell me what I did and how to fix it? I didn’t think exporting was equivalent to removing.

Actually, as a follow up, it’s stranger than what I thought above. Basically if I choose any of my tags, nothing but a couple terms come up, regardless of which hint. I have hundreds of tagged words and phrases so something is odd that only a couple show up. When I search for a particular phrase, however, it comes up, and it has the correct tag on it. Is there something happening with the data base on your end that is clipping search results? Thanks. c

@CTaylor - I don’t think this is anything you did… I just tried to look at some of my tagged words and I’m getting similar results. I only get 1 to 3 LingQs as results regardless of what tag I select. I have dozens of items tagged for many of the items I checked.

@LingQ Support - I can’t see any pattern as to what is displayed but I don’t get any more than 3 results regardless of the tag I select. I get the same results every time I search for a particular tag. I’m not filtering for any status level and I have lessons set to “All”. Also, not all my tags show up in the list on the vocabulary page to click on.

@CTaylor, cgreen0038 - Thanks for the heads up, something strange seems to be going on with this. We’ll take a closer look tomorrow to find out what is going on here.