Exporting sentences as you read?

I would like to copy and paste choice sentences into Anki as I’m reading but strangely I can’t seem to copy and paste text from the book I’m reading?

You don’t say exactly what happens…My assumption is that you are using the website and trying to highlight and copy there. There is a limit to the number of words you can highlight on the website…I’m not sure you can even copy…but if you look on the right side above the lesson (while being in it) you will see something that says “Full Text”. Click that. It will but the full text of the lesson on the right hand panel. You can copy and past from that.

You can highlight and copy in the app as well…even with the lesson itself. That might be more cumbersome though for what you are trying to do.

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Your assumption is correct. I’m using the website and I can’t copy and paste from the text. It’s pretty frustrating but thank you for the idea of pulling up the plain text instead. I’m going to try both options - I read both on my PC and on iOS. For a language learning app it’s so weird that I can’t copy and paste from it. Or highlight it like on a kindle to export later.

You can also copy from the text by first marking the sentence and then copying from the LingQ area on the right side. But you are limited to the length of a LingQ which is 9 words I think…

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As @ericb100 suggested, best solution is to copy from Full Text mode. You can easily do that from there.

I’d say the reasoning it’s not there is it’s really not the purpose of the app. The idea behind LingQ is that the best way to progress the language is through listening and reading and that is the main focus. There are add ons to facilitate things like what you’re doing (i.e. full text mode), but all of those add ons may not quite fit what various people want to do.

There is also LinqQ’s SRS functionality…have you tried that? I don’t personally use it or Anki so I can’t say how they compare.

Are you using Anki for extra practice for words and phrases?

I’m sure not everyone will use any specific feature but highlighting sentences that stick out or are interesting seems like something a lot of people would want to do which is why it’s available on Kindles. But that aside, reading on my iPad doesn’t seem too terrible - I can copy and paste on it to a note pad for adding to Anki later. I have tried the built in review system a little. It’s really not my thing, particularly if I’m reading material above my level as it adds -all- the words that I don’t know for review. Not just the ones I want to study. Not just the ones that repeat a lot. You may argue that if they repeat then I’ll remember them naturally as I’ll see them again. Yes and no. Probably yes eventually but doing a bit of review on Anki helps speed it up. Depending on the word or phrase, it may be repeating a lot in this scene but won’t come up again for several chapters. I’m sure they will come up again of course. Plus I just like saving sentences I like.

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