Exporting Russian LingQs to excel

I would like to export all the LingQs from particular lessons or courses to excel. There is a facility to do this - click on the LingQs for the lesson, click View All, click export to csv or ‘all files’ formats … but when I do this, what turns up in the new excel file is completely scrambled. Is it the Cyrillic script that messes things up? Is there a solution, please? Many thanks

I’m not sure, but it might be because your file uses Cyrillic Windows-1251 encoding instead of unicode. That very often causes problems with viewing text.

Hi protorich,
Yes, you’ll need to have Russian already chosen in Windows as a possible language.
If you are using Windows 10, open the settings (Control Panel), and under Time and Language click on the Region and Language and you will be able to enable Russian there.

Thanks both, but I am plainly still doing something wrong. I have enabled Russian in each and every place I can find in Control Panel, separately and all together, including keyboard, region, and language, but the result is the same gobbledegook! Any other ideas will be gladly received …

Did you try to change file encoding? Something like this: UTF-8 Encode | SurveyGizmo Help

Thank you again. Yes I have tried to follow these and other, similar instructions, but I am unable to make anything work.

How about setting the encoding in excel itself?

I would try source file encoding KOI-8R, Windows-1251 (as suggested by Bautov), or UTF-8. Heck, try UTF-16 too just for fun.

You can try to convert your file using a terminal (command prompt):

open a terminal (on Windows: click Start menu > search “cmd” > click cmd, or Google how to open)

Paste the following into it:
iconv -f Windows-1251 -t utf-8 original_file.csv > new_file.csv

where ‘original_file.csv’ is the file you want to convert from and ‘new_file.csv’ is the name of a new file you want to convert to.

replace ‘original_file.csv’ with the path to your file (you can just drug your file into the terminal) and ‘new_file.csv’ with the path to the new file (you don’t need to create new file beforehand, just specify the folder and file name and it will be created automatically in this folder).

Or just use LibreOffice instead of Excel

There is no iconv command on my Windows 10 system. Also, would UNIX redirection work in Windows?

Another solution is to import using LibreOffice, then export to Excel format, then open in Excel. It sucks to need hundreds of megabytes of software to do this though.

Too bad, I thought it’s included in Windows 10 by default.

would UNIX redirection work in Windows?

You can install Linux Bash shell on Windows 10 to run UNIX commands.

Just goes to show how great the UNIX command line is. What takes some lame 30$ graphical program in Windows can be done with a little googling and a terminal in Linux/BSD. You can install iconv in Windows according to these instructions:

The links appear to work. I have not tested the instructions.

Thanks both. You are both much more able with all this stuff than I am. As best I can, I have tried everything suggested here, but nothing works. It’s probably me. Thank you for your time - I can’t take up any more of it. Your efforts are much appreciated.

I was able to successfully import it in LibreOffice, both on Windows 7 and in Linux. I had to set the encoding to Unicode UTF-8 when importing, which is a selection right in the CSV import dialog, at least on the versions that I use. You can save as an xls or xlsx file from there, if you find you need Microsoft Excell for what you want to do. I don’t have Excell at home, so I can’t say whether the encoding survives, but I’d be a bit surprised if that was a problem.

LibreOffice is a totally free office suite available for download. The LibreOffice suite itself is more than adequate for many needs. It has the ability to read and write MS formats, though those are not its preferred native formats.

Thank you again to all of you. You deserve a much better recipient of your care and attention than I am. I have tried everything all of you have said, and can’t seem to make any of the instructions you have offered work. I am sure it is my incompetence and/or lack of knowledge. Many thanks to all of you again.