Exporting Lingqs

When I export my Lingqs, it shows even the ones that I have learned and I was hoping that the Lingq team could make it possible to just export certain groups of Lingqs, if that make sense。

Sure, you can do that. Just filter out LingQs you want to export (use filters on the Vocabulary Page), then just select LingQs you want to export and export them. This way you can export only selected LingQs. If you use Export All feature, it will include all saved LingQs (even ones with status 4 or checkmarked).

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thanks, I appreciate it!

@zoran When doing an Export/Export All, is there a way to see the status (1, 2, 3, 4) of each LingQ? This doesn’t seem to be an included field in the export. I also tried filtering, e.g. all my status 1 LingQs, then selecting them, but this approach only exports those visible on the page at that time, e.g. 25, so isn’t practical for my 40k total LingQs.

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Yes, that’s how it works at the moment, the word status doesn’t show on exported file.
Also, you can either export all LingQs or selected LingQs from the page only. What you can do is show 200 words (instead of 25) on the page and export them.