Exporting LingQs to Anki

Hi! It seems that I can export words and phrases from LingQ to Anki. I think it’s amazing, but I am not sure how to do so. You can download LingQs in the apkg.apk format, it didn’t work, I changed the format to apkg, but still, when importing it gives me an error (or even a couple of them) So! My question is, is it a fully functional thing or not? Or maybe it just happened not to work in my case? I have a huge amount of lingqs to export/import, it might be a problem, so maybe trying another language with less lingqs will work?

For those who aren’t aware of that function, here’s how you do it:

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I also wanted to export all the words but for some reasons I couldn’t receive the file.
I made an app that uses LingQ API to get all my words. Hope it still works :slight_smile:
Look in my profile for the download link if you want to give it a try.

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Oh, that sounds exciting! Thanks for creating the app, I’ll check it out later.

@SergeyFM You haven’t received an email from us? Did you check spam?

Zoran, that would be great if you’d answered my question too, why there’s a problem with the file.

@AK1809 Sorry, not sure how I replied to Sergey but not to you, I apologize! Anki made some changes recently on their end and looks like files exported from LingQ no longer can be imported to Anki. We will look what we can do on our end to make changes and deal with the updates they made.

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Thanks for answering! I guess that happens when there’s loads of other threads out there waiting to be answered, that’s ok.

“I also wanted to export all the words but for some reasons I couldn’t receive the file.”
LingQ creates these Anki files, but email providers don’t accept files that are too large, so they simply disappear into digital nirvana (without any notification).

However, if you have less than 50-55k words / sentences then LingQ’s Anki file should still be accepted by the email providers.

Another option is to create small Anki files on LingQ, esp. per page, but if Sergey’s app still works…

A few weeks ago, I could still import several large LingQ files into Anki (for Portuguese and French) without any problems. But, as I wrote below, email providers won’t accept files that are too large.

The limit seems to be 50k- 55 / 60k words on LingQ. Anki files that exceed this limit are simply rejected by the email providers.

This point, at least, has nothing to do with Anki’s recent changes…