Exporting Flashcards

I want to request something for LingQ, that in any future updates, I would love if there was a way to export specific sets of cards to Anki files.

Right now it seems that it only does all the vocab at once.

I would love to be able to choose something like cards at a certain level, or a specific lesson or just the phrases for example.


You can actually do that already. Use filters on the Vocabulary page to list LingQs you want (you can filter by level, tags etc…). Then just select listed LingQs and export them.
Hope this helps!


Thank you.
I figured out what I was doing wrong.
I had to select the words list that I set the filter to or it automatically just exports all Lingqs.

Agreed. Also, they really need to change the flip card review so that it doesn’t require you to enter the entire answer stored in their system. At least in German, the descriptions for words are quite lengthy. For example for “verstehen”):

Answer: understand, comprehend, see, hear, grasp the meaning of, grasp, take in, know,

If you just enter “understand”, it will mark your answer wrong. There’s no way I’m memorizing these long answers with their exact word order. I’m really surprised they did this. It eliminates the usefulness of the flash card system for me, and that’s one of features I need the most.