Exporting all new words or Lingqs from one particular lesson

I apologise in advance if this is a noobie question, but I have never tried to do this so far: can you export all Lingqs or new words from one particular lesson (e.g. the one you are currently studying). If so, how? I would like this to be either a list or Excel file.

No, that’s not possible at the moment from the lesson page.
What you can do is to go to the Vocabulary page, then use filters to list words saved in specific lessons only. Then just select and export them. You can export maximum of 200 words at once.


When I try to export the vocabulary list I get a message saying that it was sent to my email, but I don’t get anything. Does my account have a glitch or is the feature not functioning now? Thank you

Hi @Jeff.Netto, could you please check your email box once again, please, as I can see that “LingQs for German” email was sent on September 11 & September 14 and status is successfully delivered, but not opened. On account page you can double-check to which email address it was sent (it was entered upon registration), just login into your account, hover over your avatar in navigation bar, then click on Settings and in Account tab your email will be shown (Login - LingQ)
Let me know, if you have any issues. Thanks!