Exported list in Japanese is gibberish


I recently tried to export a list of words from my LingQs and it opened in Excel (2010) as gibberish. I have Japanese installed on my computer, and I’ve typed and read many things in Word in Japanese with no problems. Is there something special I have to do to Excel to enable Japanese or something? Thanks in advance.


Good luck, I’ve only had trouble with the import/export function.

Forum member Hape has shared his ideas somewhere on the forum (search for import, export, excel etc.). The closest I got to a working file was a comma separated file which took some 40 minutes to import - just to find out that everything in the “hint” field had created a separate tag in Anki.

The other way around (e.g. importing a list of words into LingQ) didn’t work at all, except for the FIRST entry (despite following Hape’s suggestions step-by-step). Wow.

I have never had a problem doing either importing or exporting in Japanese or even Arabic. Maybe check the char set on your spreadsheet app.