Export vocabulary limitations

I want to export vocabulary into Anki deck from one specific lesson, where I have over 200 lings.
Unfortunatelly this is not possible to create one deck from it, because:

  1. buttons Export All LingQs and Export All LingQs Anki file exports all lings, not only filtered ones
  2. I need to select all lings that I want to export. But for this specific lesson max I can export is 200 because that the max available paging page size. And cannot select all the position from all the pages.

There is one additional problem related to iOS version of the application. Filters related to selecting course/lessons are limited to some positions but in web version there are additional fields to filter out these two lists. I can’t filter these list on my iPhone though, so can’t get the lesson/course that I’m interested in to get vocabulary from.

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