Export vocabulary from a specific course/lesson?

Hello, I want to export the vocabulary from a specific course only (or if not possible then specific lessons within that course). The only way I can see to do it now is to either export my whole list of LingQs or export the ones which are appearing on the page I am viewing. When I click the “term” box at the top, it ticks all the vocabulary on the page but when I export it only exports the 25 LingQs on the page. Am I missing something or is there a way to do what I want?

On the Vocabulary tab on the home page, under Filters you will see an option to filter out LingQs from specific courses/lessons. After you filter them out, you can select them and export them under “More Actions” button.

My problem is that when I filter by the course, then click the “term” box at the top (which selects every check box on the page) that the “export” function only exports the 25 LingQs on the page. Is there a way to export all of the LingQs specific to the course in one action. The only other thing I have managed to do is export the 25 on the page or export all LingQs which covers multiple courses… Or is the only way to export each page of LingQs separately? Thank you for your help

You can export them all if you filter them out. But you can change the Show from 25 (which is minimum) to 200 (which is maximum per page) and that way you can export 200 LingQs at once.