Export sentences to Anki?

Is there a way to export each sentence of a lesson to Anki?
Even if I didn’t create a lingq for it. Lingq has sentence mode, so it’s already able to split the text into sentences. Can I export them?
I didn’t try yet, maybe someone already have some experience in exporting from Lingq to Anki and did something similar. I’d like to create cloze deletion cards with full sentences in which a word is a cloze. I also know lingq has a public API, I didn’t play with it yet…maybe something is possible.

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You can use the edit sentence feature in line mode, then select, copy and paste. That of course only does one line at a time. It’s tedious but it works.

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Yes, that is certainly a way. I would like to automate it if possible.


Automation would be nice.

Anyway I tried exporting lings to Anki and I saw that even if lings are words, they show an example sentence too in the card, so not bad by default. I was afraid that only words would be shown. Then if I want more sentences I’ll write them.

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