Export of ALL vocabulary for PREMIUM members

Why is there still after so many years no option for the export of the whole vocabulary available? Premium members are paying for the service! But having the export of more than 30,000 words in junks of 200 words only is very, very, very annoying.

Since the latest update it is not even possible to access a site of the vocabulary page with manipulating the page number in the URL. You can only go ONE page forward or ONE page backward. This is no improvement in my mind.


There is also a problem with the separator. LingQ is using a ā€œ,ā€. But there are many commas in the text. So a proper import into excel is not possible. Iā€™m using Windows 10 and in the region settings you can define what the separator is. It is ā€œ;ā€ for the language that I use (German). Please can you fix this or offer the option to define the separator before the export. Now the export is worthless :frowning: