Export lingq with audio files

How can I export lingq with audio files into Anki so that I can hear the sound of those words ?
Is that possible?

Many thanks

When in a lesson, you can download the audio by pressing tthe download arrow in the left upper corner. For the written text you have the Full Text button: select the text and copy it.

is it possible to export those unkown words (let’s say single words) into Anki(instend of the full audio of the story)? many thanks

I don’t know a way to export the audio of single words from Lingq. But if you have a lot of time, you could use Forvo.com: there you find the pronunciation of single words, and this pronunciation is downloadable.

You can also use the Anki Addon “AwesomeTTs” . It can generate the audio automatically for your Anki cards.