Export lingq to anki


Does anyone know can I export lingq to anki and audit it? let’s add some picture and audio file after import the lingq into anki desk. if yes, how can I do this?


I am afraid i don’t understand the first answer…
it seems i can upload vocabulary to lingq, but not vice versa… When i click on import, it searches on my pc/cellphone/tablet.

I love lingq, but for srs i prefer anki

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I made a script that adds all LingQs to Anki.
I think LingQ is good for reading and listening, but the flashcard system here isn’t great. So I wrote some code that pulls up all your LingQs using the LingQ API and adds them to Anki as notes using an Anki plugin called Ankiconnect.

You can find it here if your’re interested: GitHub - squivix/LingQ-to-Anki: A script that pulls all LingQs from LingQ and adds them to Anki as flashcards

For adding audio I recommend an Anki plugin called Awesome TTS.

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Many thanks
I will try it

after I export lingq card to Anki, next time if I only want to export those lingq card which I had not export to Anki yet ( new flash card I made) what should I do? so that the card will not be duplicated.

I am trying to use Ankiconnect and Awesome TTS , but I don’t know how to use it… would you tell me more detail of it please? many thanks

is this one the Awesome TTS?

I have just copy and paste the code of 427598962 (for awesome tts) and 2055492159 (for ankiconnect) in “tools” -“get add on” in anki. then I download the file “GitHub - squivix/LingQ-to-Anki: A script that pulls all LingQs from LingQ and adds them to Anki as flashcards” which contain 3 things(1 main-application, 1main-py file,1 readme) then I open the main-py file, it opened in a "compuClever Ultra File Opener, and I have anki in the background and loged into anki account, and nothing happen , and I don’t know what next should I do.
please help me.
Many thanks

I have just successfully to use Awesome TTS, I am so happy of it, is it possible to use Awesome TTS with the source from Forvo.com?
and I still can’t use the plug in - Ankiconnect successfully, what should I do, what step should I follow?
Many thanks ^^