Export Greek vocabulary to CSV

I want to export my vocabulary to a CSV file. Unfortunately the export function always always turns the Greek characters into unreadable special characters. Greek Keyboard and character set are installed. Does anyone have a solution for this topic? Thank you in advance.

Hi Aristoteles,
After you download a CSV file from LingQ, close it and then create new regular EXCEL file. Open that new blank excel file and then:
Click on the DATA tab on the top and choose FROM TEXT option. Popup will appear and you should find your CSV file downloaded from LingQ, select it and click on IMPORT. On the next popup choose DELIMITED, click on NEXT and check TAB and COMMA options. Click on NEXT and then FINISH.
That should be it. You can then save the file again in CSV format if you want to import it somewhere. Hope this helps!

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Hi Zoran,
Do you by an chance know how to do something similar with LibreOffice Calc rather than Excel? I played around with it, but was unsuccessful; the Greek characters remain as unreadable special characters.

Many thanks!

I’m pretty sure you can do it with Excel - it may take a bit of searching on Google to figure it out.

How to set character encoding when opening a CSV file in Excel? - Super User

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Thanks for the thought, ericobertz. I don’t have Excel, that’s why I was asking about LibreOffice Calc.

However, by trial and error I have managed to figure it out! Choosing “Greek” for the character set didn’t work, but choosing “Unicode (UTF-8)” did.