Explanation of " i lost my train of thought "

does anyone can explain me what Jill meant by saying " i lost my train of thought " ???

It means her concentration was interrupted, she was disturbed while she was thinking about something and the thoughts flew from her head.

That’s clear from the context:
Jill: You know what? I lost my train of thoght.
Steve: Yea…While you’re looking for that thought…
So ‘I lost my train of thought’= I’ve lost my direction of thought= I’ve forgotten what I would like to say.
Be careful to surrounding words and you can explain the most of hazy, unclear expressions.

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thanks a lot for your explanations . I have one more question.
what does ‘’ even a short ‘’ mean ? it is used by Steve. : if you save the word however or nevertheless or even a short…
Thanks in advance.

ozgurserhat can you provide a link to the original text? "if you save the word however or nevertheless or even a short… " looks like an unfinished sentence/sentence fragment to me.

Jill: You have to be careful.

Steve: That’s a good point. One thing, of course, we want people to do is to, to read this in our library and then save some of these words because we’re using them once or twice, but if you save the word however or nevertheless or EVEN A SHORT , you know, in contrast was the one I think you used, a little phrase like that, you will generate a lot of example sentences. And, so, then you’ll see the word in many different contexts and that will help give you a better sense of how these words are used.

These are natural conversations and therefore we sometimes do not complete our thought and jump to a new thought.

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