Experiment on bilingualism - РУССКИЕ, ВНИМАНИЕ!

Hey everyone! 'm hoping this post is kosher on the lingq forums. I’m running an experiment that deals with bilingualism for my master’s thesis in psychology, and I need 600 participants. Please check out the post below, and then click on the link to take the test.

Is Russian your native language? Do you speak English at an intermediate level (B1) or higher? Want to help science? Take part in an online psychological study on bilingualism! You’ll watch a short video and answer some language and math (addition only!) questions in English or Russian. It only takes about 30 minutes, and you could win $25!


  1. Because of the nature of the study, it’s best if you do the study all at once. Please try to do at a time when you can spend 30 minutes without distraction.
  2. Please remember: DON’T talk to anyone else about the contents of the test - that might change their answers, and invalidate the results!
  3. Unfortunately, you must be a Russia living in Russia in order to participate, as language context could affect your answers. And though the experiment has nothing to do with politics, because of the bank sanctions on Crimea, we wouldn’t be able to pay anyone living there, which means we can’t use your data, so you’re not eligible.
  4. Please DON’T click the link if you’re not eligible, as that will register a blank in the data, which I then have to clean.


Click the link to take the test, and when you’re done - I’d appreciate if you’d repost it on social media or send it to other Russian/English bilinguals you know!)