Experienced ESL teacher looking for Thai and Chinese students

My students call me KruMichael. I specialise in survival and conversational English. I,m based in Chiang Mai, Thailand and my students run the gamut from" me- speak- english- good" factory workers to graphic designers and accountants who need to converse in Business English. Email me for a quote , abundant blessings , MJC

Hi from Athens and thank you for all the good wishes.

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Sorry buddy, I think you may have the wrong tutor( and continent !).

How’s the price?

Dan, Thanks for your enquiry . I charge $18 USD per hour. I checked you out beforehand and see your emphasis is on IELTS and oral practice. Ive got Skype setup but Im in Thailand so i like to do a lot of preparation before I take a cent off my students as it is choppy sometimes. So far , so good. My Business English students love me .