Expanding the import text box capacity?

Hi, some weeks ago I tried to import a really interesting podcast with its own transcription to LingQ to use it for my English, and got an error saying: Field “text”: The text must not be longer than 100.000 characters.
My text was a little bit more than 100.000 characters so I cut the final part. Then I got Field “text”: The text must not be longer than 6000 words. Oh God, my text was 17.000 words.
Ok, it was a long podcast (1:30 hours), but if I have to split the text in several part, then edit the audio in Audacity to match the splitted text… it’s just annoying. And it’s a pity, because I would really like to study this content in LingQ. So my question is: Is there any technical problem to limit the import space, or it would be possible to expand this limitation? Maybe if it’s not possible to increase the characters, let’s say to 200.000 and the words to 20.000, at least could you increase it the maximum you can for the next update? If I can’t have it in one piece, it would be less annoying to have it in 2 parts rather then 4.
Thank you!

@alsuvi - We have that limit because as texts get longer they become slower and slower to open because of all the processes that have to run when a lesson is opened. In fact, longer lessons sometimes didn’t open properly at all. Therefore, we are not likely to increase the size limit of imported lessons any time soon. You will have to split up your texts and audio files or simply split the texts and play the audio separately on iTunes or Windows Media player.

Thank you Mark! I understand! Of course, is not necessary to split up the audio!! How haven’t I thought that before!! I can play the audio on iTunes, where I actually have the podcasts stored and just split up the text. It’s not perfect, but is less annoying that I did before spliting the audio and so on!
Thank you