what does “exhaustless” mean

You should give the context of the words you have problems with!
something is exhaustless when there is no end to what is in it, its forces etc.

Are you trying to define “inexhaustible”? Exhaust-less could be referring to a car without an exhaust.

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“Exhaust-less could be referring to a car without an exhaust.” Indeed, but I never thought of that! I found this in Merriam-Webster: ex.haust.less - adjective : not to be exhausted: inexhaustible - ex.haust.less.ly adverb - ex.haust.less.ness noun First use 1614

and last used??? Just be aware that it is highly uncommon.

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If it’s about a car, “exhaustless” means it doesn’t have an exhaust pipe or doesn’t emit exhaust (electric car). If it’s not about a car, it’s far more common to use “inexhaustible” instead. Inexhaustible means something that cannot be stopped. In fact, as a native English speaker I’ve never even heard the word “exhaustless” before.

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