Exchanging audio recordings

Hey everyone!

Some of you guys might already have a tandem partner for learning a new language, but how about having an audio exchange partner to make things even more fun here at LingQ?

I’m learning Russian right now and, following Steve’s advice, I’m looking for things to listen to that genuinely interest me or that I would like to find out more about.

Unfortunately, the books that would interest me are only available in the ebook format and, therefore, I can only read the books and not listen to them at the same time.

I am lucky enough to have found a Russian native who records 15-minute chunks of the books that I want to read and in exchange I do the same for her.

I thought I should share this idea here because maybe some of you guys are in the same position where you wish that you could get THAT specific audiobook although it doesn’t exist yet.

Of course, you’re not limited to books, but really any piece of written content will qualify, so maybe you really like a blogger who writes in your target language and you wish he provided audio to the articles he writes.

If you guys find this idea useful, the lovely LingQ crew might even devote a section of the forum to finding audio exchange partners.

Happy language learning!

  • Yannick
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Yes, please! I have trouble finding content that’s matching audio and text.

You can already ask for recordings on the exchange page.

Oh, ok! Thank you