Exchange: Writing correction with Audio of the CORRECTED text

It is not logical that the original text and not the corrected text is shown below “record audio”. The original text includes all the errors. I’m sure that the student prefers a recording of the corrected text.

@VeraI - Where are you looking that shows the original text below “record audio”? Is there an issue with tutors recording the original text? I believe that all tutors are using the corrected version when recording.

When I make a recording I always copy-past the corrected text and put them together. This way the student can see the corrected text under the recording.

One thing to note is that when the learner imports their exchange request containing an audio recording, only the corrected text, comments, notes and audio are imported. That way they automatically see the correct version with the audio.

Hi Mark, I know that the learner sees the corrected text. But you should show NO text or the corrected on the page for the corrector to not confuse them. It is a minor issue, but it is strange anyway.

Ah…I see. Well, the original text has to be there so that the corrector can correct it… :wink: I suppose we could try and make it clear that the corrector needs to record the corrected text but I am honestly not aware of this ever being an issue. We can keep an eye on it.

Hi Mark. To make it more clear I try to describe how it looks like.

Original version — Corrected version <---- So it starts. That’s fine

<---- Now follow the detailed corrections in a table

Graphics with the percentage ---- Comment <---- Here you add the comment for the user

Record audio:

Text for recording ---- comment (Upload audio) <---- Here is shown the original version of the text, but it should replaced with the corrected version after the corrections are done.

@VeraI - Ahh…you are right. Yes, if you have selected writing correction and audio recording, the original text shows. We need to show the text there in the case where writing correction has not been selected and a user simply wants some text recorded. I agree that it is confusing to show the original text there. We will look into this.

@Mark: I’m glad that I’ve made myself clear. It is a ninor issue, but it should be fixed.