Exchange rankings

My name has disappeared from the Spanish exchange rankings. It’s not a big issue for me, but I’m intrigued.

@josemaria92000 - Hmm, looks OK to me:

Maybe it’s due to the filters that you have selected on the top left?

No, I have set the filter for Spanish exchanges.

@josemaria92000 - Would you be able to take a screenshot and send it to support (at) so we might have a better idea what you’re looking at and where your name is supposed to be showing?

I have sent it.

I think I have found where the problem is. If Spanish does not appear in my list of languages (in the profile), then I disappear from the Spanish rankings. When I add it, I’m again in the list.

@josemaria92000 - Thanks for the additional info. Hopefully this should be fixed in our next update. Be sure to let us know if you notice any other issues with this!