Exchange Rankings - Points earned

I see you added a new “Exchange rankings” area to the Exchange page. It looks nice, however I don’t understand what “Points earned” refers to. This is what I see there for Italian:

mikebond 74
zerimeri 57
musona_80 17
Tosca 14
adalbertolito 4
ms1948 3
chiaguglie 3

I would suppose this ranking to show the most active correctors and the amount of points earned with Exchange activities. However, either I’m wrong or this is not working properly. Since Exchange was launched, there was only one Exchange request for Italian, which I corrected and got 429 points for.
Please tell me what I’m missing.

As far as I can see this is the number of writing corrections / exchange requests you’ve done, not the number of points you’ve earned. The number of points earned and shared lessons seems to be for the language you’ve selected above, the number of roses looks like a total number for all languages.

I think you are right, Vera, but in that case the label “Points earned” is misleading…

The number seems to refer to the corrections in which you have earned points. For example I have answered eight requests, but only earned points in seven. The number for me is 7. I agree that the label is confusing.

@Michele - Thanks, we will take a look into this.

Thanks, Alex.

Now, points are displayed in the “Points earned” ranking, but it looks like there still are some issues. E.g. I have awarded 1,000 points to KovaI for this Polish request: Login - LingQ. However, he doesn’t appear in the Polish ranking at all, just like emkamink, who responded to this request: Login - LingQ. Is this normal or does that section still need to be refined?

Sorry, emkaminsk does appear in the ranking.

@mikebond - It looks like emkaminsk is working correctly but Koval who should be in the list, is not. We will look into it.

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