Exchange: native Russian/Polish for English- Spanish- German

Helo everybody. Im a native Russian and Polish languages speaker. I’m seeking for new frends who would like to learn and master slavic languages and as an exchange will help me to improve my English, Spanish or German. I’m going to introduce my abilities a litle bit more:) I’m comunicative as an english language speaker but need to practise more:) I had a deal with German language but still my speaking skills are poor:( With Spanish language I just started my journey, so I’m a total begginer without any of skills:)

Best regards:)


I’m interested. I am learning Russian and I am a native English speaker. Add me on Skype. jmg092

Im interested too.
I start learning Russian and i speak English. Maybe i can help you with something.
User: andre.camara.da.silva

This is my skypename; szafirowykarat ,if somebody is going to be intresting in co-learning languages just live me the missage or let me know some how:)

I will love to speak English, If some one interested too, add me my skype: zubair.kotli