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Hello, everyone! I am a Chinese girl from mainland who wants to improve my English as well as to teach you standard Mandarin. We can chat through Skype at appropriate time(one-on-one conversation, audio call) regardless of wherever you come from, as long as you can speak English and desire to master the language of Chinese. The oral section of my TOEFL score is 23 out of 30 which is fair but not good, so please be patient when I can't catch up with you or translate immediately. If you need any help, please contact me. Skype:  grace chew   QQ:1113208778  Email:  

大家好!我是一个来自大陆的中国女孩,想提高自己的英语,也希望能教大家普通话。不管你来自哪个国家,只要你想掌握汉语,我们就可以在合适的时间通过Skype进行交谈。我的托福口语模块的分数是23,不高不低,所以当我不能跟上你或者及时翻译时,请耐心等待。如果你需要任何帮助,请联系我。Skype:  grace chew   Email:
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Jarrod Jiang

Hello Ying!

I know is an old post, and you might not be here anymore, but if you see this. I’m a advanced student of English (I work with English at this moment), and started learning Chinese this month.

If you wanna help to improve your English, you can add me on skype: leafarop