Exchange Japanese-Vietnamese

Hi everyone, my name is Binh and I really want to learn Japanese. If anyone is willing to help or want to learn Vietnamese (it’d be interesting :D) please contact me via skype: ngodichat. It’s very nice to befriend with all of you. Thanks :slight_smile:

“To share your personal information like your Skype name and email, please go to the Settings page where you can adjust your privacy settings. You are able to share your information with your friends, everyone or noone[sic].”

Welcome to LingQ. There are many members who understand Japanese. You can post any questions here in the forum.

Thanks :). This is the first time I learn a non-alphabetic language so I find it very difficult to remember Japanese kanji to read a sentence. Can you give me some hints about where to start?

If you know anybody willing to do a english-vietnamese exchange, I’d like to do that.