Exchange function


When I want to request a writing correction or transcription of audio to a specific tutor, do I go to the tutor’s profile page and post it?

If I post it as private, is it correct that people who subscribe to a “Exchange Request Notifications” can’t see the writing or the audio and only the tutor and I can read or lesten to it?

Thank you.

You can post it on the exchange page or on the tutor’s profile or by clicking submit exchange request from the tasks menu. On the exchange page when you click Post for a request, you then have the opportunity to choose a specific member to fulfill the request. Only the tutor you choose will receive a notification but all members will be able to see your request and its response on the Exchange page. You would only make the post private if you don’t want anyone else to be able to see it.

Hmm…I’m little confused.

Did you mean no one but the tutor and I can see the post if I select “private” before posting it ?

That’s right. Otherwise, If its Public everyone will see it but only your selected corrector will be able to respond unless you make it open.

Ok! Thank you!