Excerpt: Arabic Novel from 2019, Advanced, 8:45 mins


LingQ gave me a good reason to brush up my Arabic which had been due for a long time. Because now I can organize the vocabulary. The Sindbad stories in the Arabic section are nice.

For training purposes I today thoroughly prepared the first three pages of the new Arabic novel “Girl from Shatila” (2019) by Akram Musallam by vocalizing the text, providing an extensive glossary which almost is a translation plus recording an audio (8:45 mins, the sixth version was good enough).

We have the explicit permission from the author for this part and for three more parts of the same length because the text (the first 12 pp of the novel) appeared before in a newspaper. It is advanced, but with the vocalization and glossary intermediate level people can try it, too. Here is the link: Anmelden - LingQ

I also found these two stories, really good for advanced learners/acquirers, only the texts cannot be imported:

Taha Hussein: al-Mu3adhdhibuna fi l-ardh (Short Stories)
Text: المعذبون في الأرض : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Audio (2 h): - YouTube

at-Taiyib Salih: Mausim al-Hijra ila sh-shimaal (Short Novel)
Text: http://www.bookleaks.com/files/ketab/ketab2/677.pdf
Audio (3 h): روايات مسموعة | موسم الهجرة إلى الشمال | الطيب صالح | الجزء الأول | (+18) - YouTube
Audio (8,5 h): - YouTube