Excellent Russian grammar website

Here is a website full of very good explanations of Russian grammar.


Thanks :wink:

My personal approach is brute force: I am determined to learn all of the essential case-patterns in Russian by massive repetition of example sentences translated and recorded by Evgueny. I will keep on doing so for as long as it takes until I can hear Evgueny’s voice in my dreams saying things in Russian like: “With this expensive chainsaw (instrumental fem. sing.) Friedemann (nominative) killed the beautiful wife (accusative fem. sing.) of the Polish tank driver (genitive masc. sing.) before smoking Turkish cigarettes (accusative fem. pl.)”

Am I mad? Possibly. (Well okay - probably.)

Will it work? It just might. (I have already learned a surprising amount of this stuff, I think. And in a quite short time.)

The golden trick is to make an iTunes playlist with Russian Soviet era rock songs between repetitions.

Hello! =))) My native is Russian, I’m in Moscow. Not in the least! =)) You are NOT mad! =))) Believe me, it really IS a very efficient way of memorizing noun cases and number in Russian ! =))) The trick is, they are presented here exactly as they are used in an ordinary Russian sentence, that’s why it’s such an effective way! :wink:

How are the nightmares going?

Thank you!!! This is a format of lessons i’ve been looking for!