Examples list does not include current lesson

When you edit a LingQ you have the option to select an example phrase, taken from your lessons or from the entire LingQ library. The only exception seems to be that you can’t take it from the current lesson.

This is not a problem with creating a new LingQ, as the example phrase will be filled in automatically, but it’s a nuisance when you LingQed a word with a rubbish example phrase, and you then meet it in a more meaningful context.

If you click on “Examples” you’ll notice two sections: “From Lessons” and “From Library”. The first one shows the first 3 examples from the current lesson (use Control+F and you’ll notice that they come from the current lesson), and the second one shows some examples from the lessons in the Library.

Unfortunately there’s no easy way to show all the occurrences in the current lesson, as one word could appear as many as 20-30 times (or more!) in a certain lesson, thus making the “Examples” almost useless.

In this case, I think the easiest thing to do would be either highlight the desired text when in QuickLingQ Mode or Print View then insert it into the LingQ or simply open the LingQ, copy your Hint, delete it, recreate it with the new one and then paste your hint.

Actually, Mark informs me that the “From Lessons” will show examples from lessons that you have taken (i.e. everything in My Lessons).
It is currently limited to three, but we will look at removing this limit so that it shows all instances from within all the lessons you have previously taken, therefore giving you a greater variety of sentences to choose from.

The Examples from My Lessons box isn’t working at all for me. It consistently shows “no examples found” for existing LingQs that I highlighted and saved in a different lesson. I’m using the Turkish Beta: would that make a difference? It’s really annoying as I’d love to see other contexts in which my LingQ exists.

We don’t actually index private lessons for these results (as we aren’t scanning people’s private lessons for example phrases). For less popular languages there are not as many examples to draw from, hence why you are likely not seeing examples for the words you’re saving. Also note that the index isn’t updated daily - I believe it’s done a couple of times a year instead, since it has to search through all the shared lessons in all languages on the site and is a fairly resource-intensive process.

Then it would be great if there were a button to find and show e.g. five instances from private lessons. If it was a button it would be less resource intensive (since it wouldn’t be calling up examples for every word, all the time). I’m sure I’m not the only one reading fairly lengthy texts with LingQ, and getting audio for these (in order to make them public) is just not practical.

The main problem with this is that these examples have to be indexed in order for us to present any results, and we’re intentionally not going in and indexing people’s private lessons (as these are their private lessons). I’m not sure we’ll be able to accommodate this request.

If it was a button then it seems like it would be a simple text search (results on the fly), no need for indexing. But you know best!

Basically any search has to be indexed, otherwise it searches the entire database which would take hours for each individual search. See more here: Search engine indexing - Wikipedia

So while it would be nice to search on the fly, unfortunately it’s a bit tricker behind the scenes :slight_smile:

The heading should be ‘Examples from Shared Lessons’ then.

Examples from “Library” means from all the shared lessons.
Examples from “My Lessons” means the shared lessons from the Library that you have opened in your account.