Evgueny article: Why do Russians like Donald Trump?

I read the interesting article of Evgueny “Why do Russians like Donald Trump?” Is it possible that Trump changes the American foreign policy? I believe…, Yes. It is impossible. The reality is so stable that one person does not can change it. Whether he is intelligent or stupid it’s not important. The present tends to be like the past. America is an empire and acts like an empire.
Donald Trump is only a discourse for a very mediatic society, in the deep he is only an actor for a comedy. The whole reality does not change for one election. Evgeny sorry. “Carthago delenda est” Carthage must be destroyed.

Destroyed to be replaced by another Carthage? Seems inefficient.

Foreign policy actions are not so hard to implement if they are not outlandish. There seems to be enough Americans backing the man. I don’t think he will have the strong Russian support if he keeps up this “Russia was in the wrong in the Ukraine situation” rhetoric.