Everyone Has An Ideology

I am not a “pragmatist,” but sometimes I feel that my ideology is not coherent. RT @NYTimeskrugman: Everyone Has An Ideology Everyone Has An Ideology - The New York Times

Is that not what’s called flexibility?

How do you assess the views of Paul Krugman?

Krugman have said nearly nothing in this well to read column, IMO. Well, he has expressed his view on Jimmy Carter, it was intersting. In case Krugman is paid for this column, Sanne, I would call it making a money rather than flexibility.

this article doesn’t really say anything except that different people have different ideologies.

“[E]veryone has (a) values and (b) some view about how the world works. And there’s nothing wrong with that.”

The above is what the title of his essay means. I suppose that everybody accepts the plausibility of that perspective. Krugman does not hide his “ideology” in his writing, and I like reading his analysis based on data. He is a great teacher who can make us notice the importance of economics and logical or hypothetical thinking.

“A Fair Witness is an individual trained to observe events and report exactly what he or she sees and hears, making no extrapolations or assumptions.” Stranger in a Strange Land - Wikipedia

This is a very interesting profession in “Stranger in a Strange Land.”

I suppose that the man who wrote “Stranger in a Strange Land” is unlike the people in that profession.

No, Heinlein had a remarkable gift of painting wonderful word pictures based on his assumptions about what mankind might be like in the future.