Several weeks age I began using “Evernote.” I am using it as a tool for GTD. Is there anyone who is using it as a tool for language learning?

I think I am worrying about my age. The word “age” should read “ago.”

I don’t know if it was a case of the Freudian Slip.

Well, if it was a Freudian slip, at least now it’s out in the open… If you find a solution, please share it with us.
Do you get things done with Evernote or is it just another diversion on the procrastination route? (I don’t know Evernote and so can’t really comment, but am looking forward to learning about it.)

Hi Yutaka,

Cantotango and Edvard mentioned acquaintance with Evernote on the thread
“Lingq # reduced to 100”

Freudian Slip has not been mentioned. Does GTD means Getting Things Done :slight_smile: ?

Hi Sanne,

I saw your comment after posting mine. I listened to an audio of the Getting Thing Done, by David Allen, nearly unconscionably, about a year ago. Since then I am conscience that even Freud could not have treated my route to procrastination.

I meant not unconscionably but unconsciously.
Theses automatic spell-checkers unconscionably change classes for lasses and lasses for asses.

As I take an unconscionable time procrastinating, I decided to make notebooks at Evernote named Calendar, In-box, Next actions, Projects, and so on. I don’t know if it works.