Ever Get Tired of a Language?

Anyone ever get tired of learning a language and move away from it for awhile? Recently, I find myself mentally moving away from Arabic and wanting to really focus on German because I will be living in Germany starting next year. I’ve been trying to learn Arabic for years and the idea of barely doing anything with it feels odd to me but maybe it’s time to switch things up for awhile.

Yeah, that’s totally normal. our motivations and goals change over time after all.
and remember, you can always return to Arabic if your interest is reignited in the future

if german is gonna be more useful to you then just focus on that until you feel like you need Arabic. Best of luck!

Yes it happens to me sometimes. Then I often end up doing other things or switch to another language for a while. Sometimes I´ll be bored because it seems to easy and then I´ll switch to a new language or one I know less. Sometimes I´ll get tired cause I understand too little and have worn out my brain and then I´ll switch to a language I know better so that it´s easier.

I also tend to get tired of certain aspects of learning, tired of reading, tired of listening etc. and then I´ll switch activities. The trick is really to know when you are just a little tired and when you are tired to the point that it´s not going to be productive to continue.


Yeah, I find myself in the same problem with actually German. I was supposed to go to Germany to learn the language but covid kicked in and things changed.

Now I’m not sure about what to do anymore as I usually don’t learn a language at home but directly in the country and I don’t see myself going to Germany anytime soon. I don’t know it’s just my focus or goals blurred.

From one side I’ve dedicated much time to this language slowly progressing and on the other side I don’t have a strong motivation to learn it anymore but I’m not sure if giving up is the right choice. Maybe it’s just a sort of limbo I’m in.

For example, I don’t even want to bother with nouns gender or with adjectives declination or forcing myself to listen to stuff that is boring. I’m doing the minimum for learning this language and I know it’s not enough.

The problem is that at the end is a personal decision and we are the only ones that can understand if it makes sense going further or not.

One thing is sure: “where there is a choice there is no clarity”. I like this sentence a lot.

Btw, I was thinking the same thing in these days and you came out with a similar question. :slight_smile:

Not tired learning German personally, but I have many motivations to do so, so I do have some reinforcement. Having said that, I do tend to easily get distracted trying to learn new things so early on I was hoping into 2 or 3 languages. Over the past couple of years I’ve been much more focused on just German. Perhaps because I’ve made enough progress that it’s even more interesting than it was before.

For you it sounds like it would be a good idea to focus on German for the time being. Perhaps you will feel overloaded though, having German in your life everyday, that maybe you’ll be wanting to take a break to study some Arabic as a change! =).

Continually over the years I have gotten tired of French. Once the honeymoon stage ended, I realized that I didn’t really enjoy the language as much as I thought I would. I still like coming back to it every once and awhile though. And maybe soon I’ll rediscover the wonderful French language again!

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lol sometimes i get bored and stop for a while, but now i see i have advanced more and am more motivated than before

Sounds like you’re making a good move toward German.

I get tired of Spanish all the time. It’s more just that I want to do other things than “languages” for a few months, even though my Spanish is at a level where I can just go and come back to it, there are still goals that I had set for myself before being “done.” For example, I wanted to get to 50K known words. This cycle of interest is what keeps me stretching out my 1200 hours of independent learning over 10 years.

What will be interesting is how this will play out once I start another language, like French or Russian, or even Latin. Will I get bored/tired of French and want to do Spanish again? Or will I just not want to do any language? Or will switching langauges keep language learning in general “fresh” for me? Time will tell.

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Yeah. I did French for six months as a challenge to see if my theory about language learning worked. It did, more or less so now I’m doing Russian and having some sort of success. I haven’t done anything with French for more than six months. I guess I will come back to it at some point if I decide to travel to Quebec or France.

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Learning what we like and enjoy is the recipe for success! I think you can’t go wrong with learning German, as you are motivated due to your upcoming stay in Germany.
By the way, in Germany we have many Arabic speaking people. Coming here will be beneficial in both ways for you (German and Arabic)
As we say in Germany; “Zwei Fliegen mit einer Klatsche”. :wink:

Good luck.

You may get bored of french if it seems too easy, but the low hanging fruit is kind of nice.

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That’s what I’m hoping. Maybe the “low hanging part” will help me get it “out of way” if that’s the case and I feel like I need to move on.

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