Event Cancelled in wrong language

The Event Cancelled messages still come to me in different languages- this time in Dutch. Not a big problem but sometime it should be fixed.

Thanks for the report, junair. We are aware of this issue and have it on our list of bugs to fix. This one has shown to be quite tough to find, but we will hopefully get it sorted out soon.

Maybe a trick to keep people interested in learning :slight_smile:

Is it perhaps linked to the one on the Account page that asks each time in another language whether to store my payment card details? I found out about this multilingual approach yesterday when I tried four times in vain to buy some points.

dooo, I also expressed this thought as I got this message in Spanish, but now Dutch - we can’t even learn it on LingQ.

It appears this error only exists with “Event Cancelled” emails. Has anyone else received any other emails in the wrong language?

@junair - While Dutch is not currently offered on LingQ, it is one of the interface languages :slight_smile:

This should now be fixed. :slight_smile: Please let us know if you receive any more emails in the wrong language.