European Spanish / Latino Spanish

Hi I live in Spain and only wish to learn Castellano. Is it possible to remove Latino Spanish from my library?
So far it’s been confusing, as I am learning new words I have never heard of, only to find out they are only used in South America, not here in Spain.
For example, I know waiter to be ‘camarero’ but ‘mesero’ can also mean waiter in South American countries.

You can’t remove Latino Spanish from the Library, but you can filter out accent you are interested in. Under the “Browse Library” tab on the left on the home page (lessons page) you can select European Spanish and list courses/lessons with that accent only.
You can also use our import feature to import texts, videos and other with European Spanish accent.


Thank you, I was wondering the same thing. I’m the opposite, I’m learning LATIN Spanish and have no use for Castellano because of where I live, travel, etc. :slight_smile:

lol spanish is spanish


Thank you! :slight_smile:

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