European Portuguese seperate from Brazilian Portuguese?

I signed up today to linkq. Read some good reviews on it. As I am resident in Portugal I wish to learn European Portuguese. Personally I find that there are quite a lot of differences between Brazilian and European Portuguese. As much as I like the musical sound of Brazilian I just want to study the European form. However in linkq it appears that no distinction is made between the two which I find a bit strange!


We will get around to identifying the content as Brazil and Portuguese. I will try to do so within a day or so. It is best if the contributors identify their content when they provide it.

On the other hand, I am learning Portuguese and use both. The vocabulary is essentially the same. At first I could not tell the difference, now I can. I personally do not think it matters. If you find some nice European Portuguese content you like you can listen to it over and over just to get used to hearing the accent you prefer.

I do not know your level, but I listen to a number of excellent podcasts from TSF podcasts. Unfortunately we do not have the transcripts.

So I would use all of our content for vocabulary accumulation and then listen to these podcasts to get the rhythm of the language even if you do not understand everything.

But I will get on to identifying the content when I have a few minutes.

We are also in the process of implementing the ability to filter by accent in the Library. At that time, you will be able to filter the Library for European Portuguese.

Sounds good. My level is about intermediate. I can read quite a lot of Portuguese. I can have pigeon Portuguese conversations. When I started learning Portuguese I was using the Teach Yourself Portuguese series from Manuela cook which has both European and Brazilian Portuguese, that was ok at the time but in my opinion at least Brazilian Portuguese would just be a distraction at this stage of my learning. I stand out as a foreigner enough already in Portugal, imagine the funny looks if I start suddenly greeting people with Bom Djia, Boa Tadjee instead of Bom Dia, Boa Tarde :slight_smile:

I suppose the further I get used to this it’ll be smoother. It was just that the first couple of lessons I opened up were Brazilian and personally I’d rather give them a skip.


Then please wait until we have the new system up since it would be a waste of my effort to do this classification now. Meanwhile I suggest you study my book which was recorded by Pedro of Lisbon.

Steve. It’s ok I can tell the difference between the two very quickly. it’s just acase of once I know an anuthor is Brazilian I’ll skip them. I’ll definitely try to have a look at your book.

By the way Baz, my wife and I will be visiting Portugal in October. We are going to spend a few days in Lisbon then go north to Oporto and stay there and even continue into Galicia. Then we intend to come south to Evora and region, possibly going over to Caceres then south to Cadiz and the Algarve. We intend to stay in Pousadas.

Hotels in Lisbon seem to cost a fortune.

Any suggestions.

Hi Steve,
Wow that’s a lot of travelling. I live in the centre of Portugal myself. The nearest main town to me is Tomar. I haven’t managed to get to most of the places you mentioned yet :(. Never even been to Porto besides the airport a couple of times, though my wife and I were thinking of going to Porto and on up to Galicia sometime soon. Anyway I do travel quite a bit, though not within Portugal so much, I find probably one of the best online hotel ‘brokers’. I really know nothing about Pousadas but I can ask around for you if you like. My wife has just told me that Pousadas are expensive also. Just googled them and here are tow sites that might help and . Sorry couldn’t help more.