European Portuguese Material

Hi. Can anyone recommend good sources of European Portuguese to import, which have both text and audio, please? I’d like something like daily news ideally, or sport, but any ideas of interesting imports at all would be great! Obrigado!

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Hi James,

I like how Brazilian Portuguese sounds but I’d like to learn European Portuguese and the accents are totally different. The majority of the educational materials on the internet and the apps are from Brazil.

I was surprised when I visited Lisbon and heard Portuguese for the first time, it sounded to me like an Eastern European language and nothing like Brazilian Portuguese nor any of the other Romance languages. But since I am planning to retire in Portugal, I do need to learn their dialect.

There are many European Portuguese lessons on LingQ but we do need more of them and I’m looking forward to see other people recommendations. .

I did find the Portuguese very friendly and speak excellent English…Obrigado


I’d also like this, as the EP content I engage with is either audio (typically the radio show / podcast Portugueses no Mundo) or reading (typically books by Sandra Carvalho or José Rodrigues dos Santos), but I haven’t found anything compelling with both text and audio.

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It was very difficult to find, but here are some:

Youtube Channel: Psy Logic Drawing
This channel has subtitles in portuguese and in english, I think they have subtitles in all videos, and it’s a very interesting content.

Youtube Channel: Master D Portugal
(Not interesting at all lol)
But because not all the videos have subtitles you better search for “Master D Portugal” and go to the search filter and choose Subtitles/CC instead of randomly picking this channel’s videos. When you do that will appear 14 videos with subtitles.

Youtube Channel: Môce dum Cabréste - Dário Guerreiro
You have to filter the results too.

Youtube Channel: 5meianoite
You have to filter the results too, but they only have a few videos with subtitles.

Some random videos with subtitles: (english subtitle) (english subtitle)

This channel has portuguese subtitles, but you can’t copy them – so you can’t import…

Netflix Portugal:

The audio is in english, unfortunately, but the subtitles are in PT-PT.


Wow. Thank you for all of this information, Lucas! :slight_smile: I’ll take a look through these, for sure! :slight_smile:

how good is your french ?i have the assimil portuguese witth french base i really wanted the brazilian one but it’s only a slight adjustment i have to make in certain things .man i find it really difficult to find portuguese material compared to french or spanish

Hello Kolpack,
I am not sure if you were asking me about my French or asking Jungleboy. But my French is not that good. I am learning it right now.
I do agree with that there are fewer educational material for Portuguese than Spanish or French,take care

My French is reasonable, though I haven’t spoken regularly for over two years now since I moved from French-speaking Switzerland to Portugal. I haven’t really done much French in LingQ so my known word count is not accurate, but I just imported a French book today so maybe that will help!

i’m sorry i should have said i was asking the question to jungleboy but anyway good luck with your french or portuguese

The LangFocus YT channel has addressed the question of why EP appears to souond “Slavic”:

They have also an interesting video about why Spanish and Greek sounds so similar and a lot of other great stuff

Lucas43 thanks so much for this post - I have to say that Psy Logic Drawing has proven to be the best resource I have yet to import to lingq - as someone totally uninterested in the news or sports I find it hard to find interesting content. These videos are on really interesting subjects and are easy to play on repeat whilst washing dishes etc then learning in fairly short bursts as a lesson. If you or anyone has anything they can suggest for youtube content on any of the following subjects I would really appreciate it (preferably European Portuguese).

Fiction books
self improvement
language learning
vegan cooking
childrens songs and short stories

For any sci fi lovers I would recommend netflix shadowhunters which is in EP with EP subtitles. I wish there was a way of getting netflix audio with the subtitles in to lingq as lessons - that would be amazing.

IMHO pessoal e transmissivel is the most interesting podcast you can find for european portuguese on the entire internet:)
No text though.
If you will listen to the entire series, you portuguese will definitely go up a level.

Boa Sorte,

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Thank you so much Lucas, and Adrain. I’d like to save your responses for future refrence but I wasn’t able to import them and I don’t know how to save them.

Thanks very much for finding these sources. Thanks for doing all that work for us!

Here is another YouTube source for European Portuguese:

Receitos do Paraíso

The host speaks quite slowly, and her speech has the prominent characteristics of European Portuguese, especially the extensive dropping of vowels.

The language she uses features lots of indicative first person and imperative forms.
Plus lots of cooking terminology.