European Portuguese Beginner 2 - Content where?

Does anyone have any recommendations for Beginner 2 content as a next step after having finished the European Portuguese mini stories?

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How would you like to learn?
Here is many more stories, you just have to choose Beginner 2 and there’s a lot to choose between. Just make sure you choose eu português.
If you’d like to contact a teacher I believe there aren’t any available here. However, there’s a platform called preply and there are many great people who are native speakers and also speak English as well. I learn with a tutor named Catarina:)

Thanks Kate, I believe I had my filter set incorrectly.

Just a followup to my original post for anyone struggling finding compelling content after the mini-stories in European Portuguese.

I’ve finally purchased some terrific books of Brazilian Portuguese short stories in Kindle format that I’ve been able to import after removing the DRM into LingQ

Apparently there is 10x the material available in Brazilian Portuguese and Steve K has even commented that it is fine to use this material for reading as a European Portuguese beginner.


Hello!! I’m Brazilian, maybe I can help you. Although there is a vocabulary in common use in both countries, still there is a range of vocabulary that is much more common in use in Portugal than in Brazil and vice versa. There are even common words in both countries with different meanings that can get you in trouble. You can find some videos about that on Youtube.

The structure of sentences in the way Brazilians and European Portuguese use verbs is a little different. In Brazil it is common to use more verbs in gerunds - I am studying = “Eu estou estudando”, while in Portugal the verb can be used in the infinitive - I am studying = “Eu estou a estudar”, something not very common in Brazil. Grammatically, both forms are correct.

The pronunciation of the words is not different, but the way how words are connected in speech gives the impression that there is a difference. Sometimes, I really have a hard time understanding European Portuguese speakers, because they speak their vowels faster or in a closed way while Brazilians pronounce their vowels more openly. I have the impression that I understand Latin American Spanish speakers better than European Portuguese speakers hahahaha We joke about this in Brazil.

I hope this was helpful, books in Brazilian Portuguese can help you to gain vocabulary, but beware of speech structures and pronunciation of European Portuguese, something you can improve by watching videos from Portugal.