Eureka moment

I have just started watching series and youtube videos to improve my listening comprehension I decided to only start this when I had reached 10.000 words.

I remember trying to watch a kids series on netflix with spanish audio and subtitles when I think I had under 5000 words or equal too.

Just watched the first episode of the series again and I understood more or less 90% of what was going on which was an absolutely amazing feeling,

baring in mind that this type of content is for kids but then again at my currently number of known words I think this is very subtitle content for me to begin improving my comprehension.

and perhaps when i have 15.000 or 20.000 words I will watch more mature content.


Congratulations! It’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? Sometimes we focus so much on what we still can’t do that we forget how much we’ve improved

But again this series is for kids but again it is still a definite improvement!

Yes it is. You’re probably just below a kid level, which is excellent progress considering how you started.

Congratulations on your progress. I also watch children’s programing to improve my listening comprehension.

Thank you as always, by the time I have hit a year of learning Spanish I am aiming for as close to 20.000 words as I can.

But with your known words you must be able to watch more or less anything?

Not at all. As I am genetically disinclined to learn a new language (I have Aspergers Syndrom) I have to work a lot harder than most people to learn. The high word count is a result of having to listen to a lot of content to get to where I am, I can follow news and cartoons, but I have a hard time following dialogue. French people have to have really poor English skills before they are willing to communicate with me in French.

we have nearly the same word count, and you got to that 10k mark in far fewer months than me! great work!

How long have you been studying Spanish for?

About 24 months now. The first 6 months, though, were before I knew about LingQ and before I found much suitable beginner reading & listening material. I need this vocabulary tracking system! LingQ has been great. My time available for quality study had been severely limited in 2017 (mostly just listening to podcasts in the car most of the year, plus netflix series in the last 6 months). 2018 looks great and I am sure I will get to the 20k mark. I suppose I average about 30 minutes per day studying, 5-6 days a week, more than half outside of LingQ.

Nice man I’m sure you have a way better understanding of the Spanish grammar than me haha and yeah my goal is to get to 20.000 known words by the time I hit 1 year which is in about 5 months.

Ha! I never study grammar.

That’s not aspergers. I live in France and they will use English with you are ANY opportunity. Everyone. Young, old, shopkeepers, waiters.

Why are you so worried about it being ‘kids’ content ? Cartoons or series for kids are no worse than some adult youtuber talking rubbish which so many people seem to be into given their astronomical view counts. See Jenna Marbles, Cyprien and PewDiePie for notable examples of aforementioned adults. They’re also not necessarily easier in terms of language content.

There is a guy on another forum who learned Italian as a kid from watching cartoons, appears to be well versed in several languages and gets there mainly by watching cartoons. They are FANTASTIC resources as long as you find them interesting.

I’d rather watch cartoons than listen to two middle aged men in suits lie about the economy to get votes.

There is nothing wrong with watching cartoons me personally am a massive anime fan but when I would like to watch something a bit more mature for example narcos I cannot do it because my word count is too low for now.

I am a volunteer at a museum. I greet visitors in English, and those not comfortable with English will politely gesture “no”. Several times when I hear tourists speaking French, I will greet them in French, and specify the question needs to be simple. When they hear me struggling in French, they become more comfortable using whatever English they have with me, and we will both practice and help each other in the other’s language. I have struggled many years to get to the point of speaking broken French with a terrible accent, but I have to practice to get better.

I think 30,000 known words in 600,000 words of total reading is pretty impressive. I’ve got only 1,000 more with three times that level of reading and 5 times the amount of LingQs.

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I have roughly the same as her but remember that known words doesn’t = productive skills. Or even receptive listening skills.

“Narcos” isn’t that hard! Don’t fear it, jump in!

The show being half in English anyway, the narration will guide your understanding. I started watching it when I only had 1000 words. I’m watching season 1 for the 3rd time now. The first episode is one of the 10 best pilot episodes I’ve ever seen. The Medellin accent and the narcotrafficker slang make it more challenging, though. Plus, you’ll learn a ton of fantastic insults!

On Netflix:
“Fabulosas Flores” is a Chilean comedy series that, so far, I find to be pretty easy to get the gist, if not the individual words. I’m trying not to binge it because it is only one season so I want to savor it. Also, i have a crush on the actress Angie Jibaja.

On the cartoon side, I’ve been watching “El Chapulin Colorado” which is easier too. Funny, ridiculous.

“La Vendedora de la rosas” is a dramatic telenovela. It is much harder for me to understand, I’ve watching it by alternating Spanish subs and English subs when i get really lost. But I enjoy the characters and story, and i am gaining a lot of insights into Colombia’s culture.

I tried “ingobernable” and it is incomprehensible for me at this point. I might try it again in a few months.