Etymology, Old English and Cocktails

I don’t normally do these sorts of posts but this is a YouTube channel that has really intrigued me. It is run by a linguist couple. The husband is a professor in Linguistics (specialises in Old English) and the wife is also a professor, in Classics (the studies of Antient Greek and Rome). The bread and butter of the channel is word etymology.

They also have a second channel that is a podcast type channel. Usually they delve deeper into the topics of the etymology videos or other topics.

One thing that I personally like as a cocktails aficionado is that they present at the beginning of the videos a cocktail that is connected to the discussion ahead. For example, during a podcast on colonial diseases they drank Gimlets. Gimlet being a cocktail that was invented by necessity as a way of making the medicine for scurvy more palatable.

If memory serves they talk quite a lot about Old English in this video as it includes a fairly long list of resources for Old English and another channel/vlog about Old English.


Great! Even more awesome English language content to distract me from language learning!

Thank you very much!

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This looks like excellent content. Thank you very much.