Etiquette concerned question - それでわまた!

I received a postcard from Japan. It ends with words それでわまた!
Is this person suppose that I will answer to this postcard and write some letter to her back? Or it is just “bye-bye” without any expectation to see the person you are talking soon?

I want to answer to this girl, but I don’t want to impose on her.

I think this is the same as “bye-bye”.
It’s true that “それではまた” has an implication or expectation of talking to you (hearing from / writing to you) again in future but still, its practical meaning should be “bye bye”. :slight_smile:

I agree with Akiko san.
I think he or she is just being friendly.
But when I say “それではまた!” to you, I mean it :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, AngieAkiko and Emma!
I thought profoundly, and decided to write back :slight_smile: Because she asked a question in this letter. Of course, I can answer by PM on that site, but I want to send a letter :))) If this postcard was sent by the Russian I would answer to it, why not to answer to Japanese? :))

I remember that one time one girl from South Korea asked my address and then sent a package to me with beautiful Korean souvenirs. It was her “thank you” for me. But I was so delighted to receive such beautiful souvenirs, so I decided to send some Russian souvenirs back. Received this package from me, she sent to me a package with Korean “甘いもの” (I forget English word! Excuse me, please). I am still not sure that I was right when decided to send that package to her :))