Est-ce que questions

What is the difference in saying: “Est-ce que c’est un bon restaurant?” and “Est-ce un bon restaurant?”

Both questions are asking “is it…” right?

There is no real difference.
However, “Est-ce un bon restaurant?” sounds more “elegant”.

I’d translate the 1st question by : “Is it a good restaurant ?”
the 2nd question by : “Is this a good restaurant ?”

I’d say the meaning is the same, but I’m not very likely to use “est-ce” in everyday speech – it’s either more formal, or written style.

Ohh, I see, thank you:)

In a coloquial language you would also say : “c’est un bon restaurant?” with your voice going up at the end of the sentence so that people understand it is a question. If you don’t raise your voice’s tone people will consider it is not a question but just a statement. This way of asking is just used in spoken French. Avoid that in the written’s.

Thanks for your help:)